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3PLAST – Pyroelectrical and piezoelectrical printable large area sensor technology

In order to establish cost-efficient innovative solutions for safety and security systems , self-controlled machine monitoring and user-friendly human-machine interfaces, it is necessary that items are able to communicate bidirectional which is realized by advanced sensor functions. Therefore, devices using novel sensor concepts manufactured via high-throughput processes on cost-efficient, flexible substrates are essential in order to be applied in high-volume markets.\nWithin 3PLAST, a novel concept combining physical polymer sensors with organic electronics all printed on large-area flexible substrates is developed. The macroelectronic 3PLAST sensors provide accurate information on changes in temperature and pressure and are unbeatably flexible in design. Integration of 3PLAST sensors on everyday objects adds temperature and pressure sensitivity to them. The basic sensor device is comprised of a piezo- and/or pyroelectric polymer thin-film capacitor, integrated with high-performance organic thin-film transistors operating at low voltages, and acting as signal amplifiers and conditioners. Application of low-cost manufacturing technologies such as screen printing and hot embossing, which can be applied in high-throughput processes, ensures that the developed components can be manufactured with a high-competitive cost structure in the future.\nCovering the entire value chain, The 3PLAST consortium consists of highly experienced research institutes such as Fraunhofer, Joanneum and Acreo and the University of Linz. Application scenarios are determined by the driving industrial partners such as, IEE, Festo, or Motorola. ASEM and Emfit as an SME are enriching the consortium as material supplier, manufacturer of process tools and end user.\n3PLAST consortium provides completely new solutions in the context of integrated macroelectronic sensor technology enabling versatile applications in consumer electronics, automotive and process automation industry.

  •  2008-02-01  2011-05-31
  • FP7-ICT / ICT-2007.3.2 / FP7-ICT-2007-1
  • Overall Cost: 3.19 M.Eur
  •   > Acreo
  • Other project partners
  • Organic and large-area electronics, visualisation and display systems 
  • Electronics, Microelectronics; Information and communication technology applications 
  • FP7 Data provision: © European Union; Source: CORDIS, Cordis | This page is not provided by the European Commission 

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