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3S – Services strategy within the European Research Area

3S will support the goals of the IST Priority in developing Joint European Strategy for R and D and Industry in the Software & Services field until year 2020, pushing the EU to a competitive position worldwide by identifying strategies and technologies that will facilitate future developments and reduce fragmentation through the fusion of different scientific and industrial communities and build consensus through network.%L%LThe main objectives of 3S are to:%L1. Create Technology Roadmaps concerning S and S based on the information gathered via the active community through Technology Watch and Business Intelligence.%L2. Deliver two interactive workshops involving international experts forecasting the necessary steps towards achieving specific technology goals, contents will integrate the 3S 2020 joint European strategy.%L3. Identify technological trends/needs and develop and integrate them into the current and future S and S environment.%L4. Publish two state-of-the-art reports in S and S, and two comparative reports on European S and S industry applications and markets.%L5. Identify potential research areas related to S and S looking towards FP7 and national and regional RTD programmes.%L%LThe results of 3S will be to:%L- Promote exploitation of S and S enabling the diffusion of technology results and innovations built on the project and through the 3S International Conference.%L- Develop and implement 3S 2020 into programmes and enable synergies with industry and research linked organisations.%L%LDissemination and sustainability of results of the project will be assured through the creation of an annual International Conference. A permanent Website communication platform will serve as a network for all stakeholders within the S and S-scene, providing a foundation for further co-operation and encouraging support in research and innovation and information exchange for those dealing with research policies in S and S on a European and non-Euro level.

  •  01/07/2006  31/12/2008
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  • Overall Cost: 1.32 M.Eur
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