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3DMULTICAM – Accurate and instantaneous subsea 3D measurement by use of laser projection and parallelized close range photogrammetry

The project focus on enabling greater competitiveness and internationalization to the large groups of European SMEs in the shipbuilder and -repair sector and oil and gas industry, by making available a new tool for accurate and instantaneous 3D measurement. This new tool, the 3DMultiCam, will enable us to provide a new and value-added service we have identified an industrial need for in the market.%L%LWe will develop the 3DMultiCam based on the current state-of-the art, and plan to:%L- Cut computer data processing time to a fraction by optimization and parallelization of the photogrammetry software compared to present solutions.%L- Integrate a camera calibration device on the 3DMultiCam system, by placing a remotely operated calibrating reference plate connected to the camera frame.%L- Include an innovative laser grid generator which projects a highly focused and water particle insensitive laser grid on the target, thus avoid disturbing the integrity of the object to be measured and save time.%L- Illuminate the target with a novel laser or led light system insensitive to disturbing water particles, and thus ensure maximum detection of natural points and thereby increased resolution and reduce noise/errors.%L- Achieve instantaneous measurement by photographing the target with several synchronized cameras. The cameras are controlled by a camera control system which synchronizes the digital photos, stores them and sends them to the surface near real-time.%L- Attach the cameras, laser and control system to a rigid frame that keeps the geometry of the cameras with a very high degree of accuracy. The frame will also be light and collapsible for easy, fast and economical transport.%L- Achieve an accuracy in the subsea measurement of at least 0.1mm.%L%LThe partnership behind this proposal constitutes an entire value-chain for delivering both the tool to the market and serving the identified industrial need.

  •  01/11/2006  31/07/2009
  • Sixth Framework Programme /  / FP6-2004-SME-COOP
  • Overall Cost: 1.69 M.Eur
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