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How many Biotech companies are there in the Europe today? What are their names and locations? In what fields these companies operate? Which ones score the highest number of Patents, Publications or Projects? How many of these are relevant for my specific business sector?

BioDirecta has been created to answer to these simple but important questions.

BioDirecta is a valuable source of leads for many stakeholder within the bio-economy and pharmaceutical industry, typical examples of Biodirecta users are:

  • A German business analyst of an important pharma company, struggling to keep himself updated on what companies are entering in his market field in East Europe;
  • A British biotech event organizer looking to extend his EU conference participant pool;
  • A Hungarian venture capitalist looking for promising startups in South Europe.

BioDirecta can help these and several other players saving months of work and avoiding many missed opportunities. Check out our database features below, or start exploring it right now for FREE using the green search bar in this page.


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Abbott Laboratories

 Company name: Abbott Laboratories
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 Corporate company / multinational group active in 8 EU-EEA countries
 DK   IE   ES   HU   PL   SK   PT   SE 

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 EU Projects (H2020): 

 EU Projects (FP7): 

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Red biotechnology refers to pharmaceutical, medicinal and diagnostic applications of biotechnology. Typical red biotech company products include vaccines, therapeutics, diagnosis kit, cell therapy, and the like. Red biotechnology stakeholders are playing a vital role in increasing the quality and length of human health. Encoded by BioDirecta Database as RED.

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